Amarna in the 21st century

This volume of KBSAÄ is dedicated to one of the dearly beloved topics of both Egyptology and the interested public: the so called Amarna-Period. Although brief in time – merely 17 years – this reign is seen as having left a major impact on Egyptian history, culture and religion.
This volume brings together some recent researches concerning the Amarna-Period:

Kristin Thompson:
Stone Inlays from the Great Aten Temple: New Discoveries

Natalia Klimczak:
Who was Kiya

Wolfgang Winter:
Zur Chronologie der Beamtengräber in Tell el Amarna

Heidi Köpp-Junck
Ikonographische und textliche Belege für Frauen auf Streitwagen in der Amarnazeit

Christian Huyeng
Revolutionist or Reactionary? Akhenaten´s Archaism

Grigorios I. Kontopoulos
Tutankhamun’s widow pledge: True or False? A different perspective of diplomatic marriage as recorded in Suppiluliuma’s biography

Barbara Kündiger
Amarna am Bauhaus. Der Rekonstruktionsversuch des Amarnahauses 1916 und das Versuchshaus „Haus am Horn“ 1923

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