Eighteen years of pioneering research and teaching on Egyptology and the Ancient Eastern Mediterranean in Greek academia!


Aegean Egyptology (AE) is the official Egyptological Research Group of the Department of Mediterranean Studies of the University of the Aegean. It started its mission in 2003 with the appointment of Dr. Panagiotis Kousoulis as Lecturer in Egyptology and the establishment of the first egyptological position in Greek academia. Since then, AE has been rapidly expanded to include an active team of researchers and esteemed colleagues from Greek and foreign Institutions as collaborators.

AE aims at the promotion of Egyptology in Greece through the elaboration and implementation of pioneered international and interdisciplinary research projects, the organization of international scientific colloquia, conferences and specialised seminars and workshops (predominantly among them the Tenth International Congress of Egyptologists in 2008), the development of specialised egyptological courses in undergraduate and postgraduate levels (Teaching), and other academic activities (e-learning programmes, summer schools, etc.).

AE awarded the first two doctorate titles in Egyptology in Greek academia (P. Antonatos, 2012 and Ε. Apostola, 2015), it inaugurated the first MA Programme in Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology entitled Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean from the Prehistoric Era to Late Antiquity: Greece, Egypt, Near East in 2014 and established the Laboratory for the Ancient World of the Eastern Mediterranean in 2015.

AE focuses especially on the ancient Egyptian belief system (ontology, ritual, magic, demonology, religious language and texts, foreign elements, personal piety), language and script (hieroglyphic, hieratic, Coptic, Ptolemaic inscriptions), funerary ideology and archaeology of death, Egyptian interconnections and cross-cultural interactions in the southeastern Mediterranean region, aspects of kingship and diplomatic system in Egypt and the Near East, archaeology and epigraphy.


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